A downloadable game for Windows

Other Dimension is a 3rd Person Action Adventure inspired by games like 'Resident Evil', 'Zelda' and 'Dark Souls'.

Visit interesting locations, solve mysteries, uncover the story, get stronger and fight multiple difficult bosses in this (about) 3 hours long experience.

Can you survive?

Have Fun :)

This is the final project for my bachelor studies and is the first bigger game I created by myself in about 5 month. It is built with Unity and with the help of several assets purchased in the Unity Asset Store. I know it is not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty good considering this is my first real game (except a few mobile and VR minigames) and with a timelimit of 5 month total.

Feel free to leave feedback and I hope you'll have a good time playing!


Other Dimension.zip 141 MB


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With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!


Thanks a lot for trying out the game and making this video!

Just an important tip for anyone watching: You can select a Class/Character and get your starting equipment (including a pistol) right at the start. (I should have made it more obvious, but melee combat is not the intended way to play as it is way to weak and clunky ;)